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BOB’s Concert Caravan

BOB’s Concert Caravan

Bob’s concert caravan is back and it’s good… oh, it’s soooo good!

Hall and Oates with Train, Journey with Def Leopard, Steely Dan with the Doobie Brothers, Rod Stewart with Cyndi Lauper, Styx with Joan Jett, and Ed Sheeran.

And of course because it’s Bob we’ll have round trip limo transportation to every show and a pre-party before with food and drink.

Yep that’s how Bob rolls… in a giant chauffer driven limo to the best shows this summer.  Bob’s concert caravan.  (The winning begins May 14th with Warvel.) Just listen for Craig to start Bob’s Concert Caravan limo and be the ninth caller at 455 – 9470 and you are in!